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UKC SHOW in LeCenter, MN

Posted by Bonnie on July 5, 2013 at 9:45 PM Comments comments (29)

Great show weekend June 29th and 30th in Le Center. This is our first time at this particular UKC show. We camped and Robin was with us. There were 10 siberian huskies there. Flame took Breed one show. Luna took breed two shows and the biggest shocker was that 6 1/2 month old Gracie took Best of Breed, Best in Working Group and topped it off with BEST IN SHOW!!!! Her name is Liberty's Amazing Grace and it WAS truly amazing!! Her co-owner, Robin Malchow, handled her. Several others got wins toward their champion title or legs toward their grand champion title, but Gracie blew us away with her win!

Flame, handled by Steve, receiving her Best Of Breed win under Judge Mary King.and a Group One.

Liberty's Amazing Grace, breeder Bonnie Schaeffel, co-owned with Robin Malchow won BEST IN SHOW ina nulti breed show with 10 other Siberian Huskies entered. This was Gracie's first show ever. She did an instant replay of what her mom, SHine, had done. She started her show career by winning BEST IN SHOW in a multi-breed show, her first time out also. Way to go, Gracie!!!

Cambridge -4 day AKC show

Posted by Bonnie on June 28, 2013 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (1)

We had a fantastic, although somewhat grueling 4 day show in Cambridge. We took Flame, Song, Strut and Joy. We camped in our trailer the four days and I think every day, we had a fairly severe rain storm!!! Trying to keep groomed dogs clean while walking in mud was NOT fun! lol

Thursday, under a Brazilian Judge, Song took the Select points in bitches and Strut took the Select points in Dogs. Friday Strut took Best Of Breed under Judge Robert Shreve. Song took Select Bitch. Saturday Strut took Best Of Breed and then a Group FIRST under Judge Houston Clark, shown by Dave Slattum. Song took Best Of Opposite. On Sunday, Strut took Best Of Breed and again Song took Best of Opposite under Judge Faye Strauss. Song was handled by Robin Malchow and Strut was handled by Dave Slattum. Joy took First in Open class and then a Reserve, Flame got a second in Bred By Exhibitor. All in all, it was a great weekend. Strut picked up 13 pts altogether and Song picked up 8, both toward their Grand Championship. Song finished her AKC Grand Champion title on Thursday with the select points. She only needed one point to finish and she finished her grand in ONLY 9 shows with 7 majors!!!! This girl is smokin hot!!

The Fargo-Moorehead AKC show, June 2013

Posted by Bonnie on June 27, 2013 at 11:35 AM Comments comments (0)

AM GCH/ UKC MBIS GCH Liberty's Singin My Song took a Group First at the Fargo/Moorehead AKC show in June 2013 under Judge Edd Bivin with Sandy Slattum handling her. Way to go, Song!! What a thrill!

Below is the picture of Strut's GROUP THIRD win that same weekend under Judge Charles E. Trotter! Dave Slattum handling. Thanks to both!! Strut is now a Grand Champion!

Judge Edd Bivin liked what we brought to the show on Saturday in Fargo. Liberty's Flamin' Hot handled by Steve Schaeffel took a FIRST in the Bred By Exhibitor class and then a Reserve. Strut, Handled by Dave Slattum, took Best of Opposite Sex (Bonnie pictured with Strut) and AM GCH Liberty's Singin My Song took a GROUP FIRST!!! WHAT AN AMAZING DAY for Liberty Siberians!!

May 31, June 1st & 2nd- Fargo/Moorhead AKC Show

Posted by Bonnie on June 4, 2013 at 11:50 AM Comments comments (0)

We are pleased to announce that on May 31st, Ziemabora's Strut Your Stuff got Best Of Breed for a 5 pt major out of 18 Siberian Huskies as well as a GROUP THREE placement to finish his AKC Grand Champion title!! WHAT A THRILL!!! Dave Slattum did an awesome job handling Strut. Those two work so well together. Thank you, Dave! On Saturday Strut took BOS and also on Sunday!! He now has points toward his Bronze championship! What a boy! Strut took these wins under Judge Marsman. Thank you Judge Marsman.

June first AM CH/UKC GR CH Liberty's Singin My Song took Best Of Breed in a field of 18 Siberian Huskies for a 5 pt major. To top that great win off, she got a GROUP ONE!!!! I was so excited and emotional that I was surprise there for people who know me. :) Sandy Slattum handled Song and did a beautiful job with her as usual. Thank you Sandy. This win plus the 4 Select ppoints that she earned on Sunday, puts Song only one point away from her AKC GRAND CHAMPION title. GO SONG!!!! These wins were under Judge Edd Bivin. Thank you Judge Bivin!

Liberty's Flamin' Hot took a first out of 5 Siberian huskies in the Bred By Exhibitor Class being shown by Steve Schaeffel. Flame works real well with Steve. We have focused on her sister, Song and will now turn more attention toward Flame. It looks as though she will follow in her sister's paw prints.

Ziemabora's Leather and Lace got a second place win in Open class on Sunday under Judge Trotter.

Except for the constant rain, mud and damp cold, it was a fabulous 3 day show weekend. Even the weather couldn't dampen our spirits!

5-25 & 26-2013 Key City AKC Show in St Peter

Posted by Bonnie on May 29, 2013 at 12:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Well, Song is ON A ROLL!! She took Best Of Breed on Saturday for either a 3 or 4 pt major!! On Sunday she took Best Of Opposite for another 3 pt major. In just 7 shows, she has completed 4 major competition wins plus 2 points toward her Grand Champion title. She has only 10 pts to go to achieve that title and she has been tearing up the ring!! We just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this home bred girl of ours!! On Sunday, she was a bit full of herself. It rained off and on (mostly on) all weekend. Trying to keep her from getting dirty we didn't run her around outside too much. She REALLY needed to RUN!! This was an outside show and when she got into the ring, RUN is what she wanted to do. Thank God for Dave's handling skills, but even he had to work to keep her under control. Thank you Dave Slattum for the great job you do.

We also had Strut along in the field of 16 Siberians. He did not do anything for us but I blame our handling skills..or lack of handling skills to present him in the best way. We are still learning and working on it. Strut has only 5 pts to go to achieve his Grand Champion title.

Lacey was the only other dog along with us. Poor girl, I showed her. She is gorgeous at home. I wish I could bring the judges HERE to my house to see her movement, ear set and energy. Lacey seems to HATE the ring. She goes around like Elsie the cow most days. Usually I am in front of her. But we did our thing and she was VERY happy to get back to our travel trailer and just lay down and get treats and be pet. She is very spoiled and tremendously loved, like they all are.

This was the first time the camper was taken out this year. We just love our little trailer. It has everything we need. It is like a mini vacation for my husband and me, every time we take it out.

My son Nathan and his wife Chris and our grand daughter live in Mankato, so they came to our show on Sunday. It was the first dog show they'd been to and they were real troopers to come to an outside dog show when it was raining. They had a good time and we got to visit with them for a couple hours after the show. So all in all, it was a great weekend!! Pictures are posted on my Liberty Siberians Face Book page. Check 'em out!! :)

5-18 & 19, 2013 Oshkosh AKC SHow

Posted by Bonnie on May 20, 2013 at 7:55 PM Comments comments (0)

YooHoo!!!!!! Another fantastic weekend for Liberty Siberians!! WOW! We took Song, Strut, Flame, Lacey, Ritz and Bishop to this show.

Saturday, Strut took a 3 pt major for Best Of Breed and got a GROUP TWO in the Working Group competition! It was so fantastic that I got a bit emotional. Strut only needs 5 more points to complete his Grand Champion title. He is an UNBELIEVABLE boy and was handled by Dave Slattum, so a big thanks goes out to Dave. He is awesome with Strut.

Song took Best Of Opposite for two more points toward her grand Champion  title on Saturday. She is such a gorgeous girl and the icing on this cake is that she is a home bred girl. She was handled by my good friend Robin Malchow, who graciously opened her house for us to stay at while we were at the show. Big hugs and thank you to Robin.

Ritz took Reserve today and Bishop took Winner's Dog. This was his last day in puppy class. Way to go!

On Sunday, Song took Best Of Breed with Robin Malchow handling. This gave her her second major toward her grand nd 3 more points. She has been specialed only 2 show weekends and already has 2 major competition wins with 9 points toward her grand!!! Love, love, love this girl!!

Strut took Best of opposite for 2 points. Dave again did an awesome job with him!

Ritz again took Reserve but he looked great and moved real well.

Bishop had his birthday today. He is one year old and he took Winner's Dog for one point!! So happy for both Bishop and for Robin, Bishop's mom. :) and co-owner.

Flame showed in her first show evber and it was an AKC show for which she'd had little or no training. She was very scared on Saturday, by Sunday she was doing so much better and showed so much improvement that I was real happy for the experience she got and how she handled it.

Lacey was with us, but she has become such a loved family pet and sleeping buddy that she doesn't want to work for anything. She is gorgeous but just HATES being shown. She has several titles and 5 AKC points, but she hates being in the ring. :( I sure wish she'd show what she can do, but it isn't for everybody. She does LOVE coming along, though.

We stayed at Robin's house which was fun and we had our grooming set up next to good friends, kathleen and Stephanie Strunk. That made everything even more fun. it was so great to show, have time with great friends and to have some fantastic wins!!!

My butt is dragging today from showing, long hours and a long drive home, but I'd do it again in a heart beat. :)

 Strut taking a Group Second in Oshkosh, handled by Dave Slattum. Thank you Judge!

Song's Best Of Breed Win, handled by Robin Malchow in Oshkosh, WI.

AM CH/UKC GR CH Liberty's Singin My Song!!

Posted by Bonnie on May 8, 2013 at 7:50 PM Comments comments (0)

 On April 19th, we drove 7 hours through a snowstorm to get to Oshkosh, where we stayed with our good friend, Robin Malchow for the Fond du Lac AKC Show  on the 20th and 21st. We entered Strut, Song and Joy. On Saturday, Song won BOW, and BOS winning over one special for a 3 pt major and finishing her AKC Championship for the second time. She had won this last December, but due to an error in my paperwork, she did not get her win counted. That was hard to take and then she went out of coat, so this was her first show back in the ring and she was on top of her game. My friend, Robin handled her for me.Thank you to Judge Rolland..

After finishing on Saturday, we moved her up to Breed for Sunday. Song AGAIN was on her game and took BEST OF BREED for a 4 pt major and her first win toward her Grand Champion title. We are SO proud of her. She is from our breeding, so it makes her wins all the sweeter. Thank you judge Ennis.

Strut was also entered in Breed class. He took the Select points both shows for  a total of 4 more points toward his Grand Champion title. He needs only one more major and 10 points for his Grand Championship!

We also had Joy along, but right after I entered her for this show, she totally lost her coat, She still got second in a class of 3 siberians on Saturday, I was totally surprised that even with no hair, she got that win. Judge Rolland on Satuerday said she can see the structure best when there is no hair and she put her up. :)

. Sunday's judge, Ennis said we should not show her out of coat but that she was a terrific bitch

IKC AKC in Chicago - 2-21through 2-24-13

Posted by Bonnie on February 26, 2013 at 10:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Well, we are back from 4 days of showing at the International Kennel Club's AKC show in Chicago. This is one of the last benched shows in the country. Liberty Siberians was represented by 6 of our dogs, plus we picked up our good friend Robin Malchow in Wisconsin and she brought Bishop who is a co-own. So, we had Strut, Ritz, Lacey, Faith, Joy, and Luna, plus Bishop. We were packed like sardines in our 15 passenger van. What a trip!

Our good friend, Stephanie Strunk, graciously let us stay at her house for all these days. She shows American Eskimo dogs. We had wonderful accommodations with her and we sat up, told stories and laughed so hard, my side hurt!! It was great fun!

Joy took a 3 point major on Thursday. This was only her second weekend showing in AKC and she already has 5 points and a major!! What a girl!

Strut took 2 select pts toward his AKC Grand Champion title. All he needs now is a few points with a major to achieve the title and that should be a piece of cake for him.

Ritz took Winner's Dog on Friday for 2 points. There was no major in dogs, but he did us proud.

Faith took  first in a strong Bred By Exhibitor class. The judge loved her! She took a group 3 in the Best Bred By in Working Group competition. There are no points given for this except bragging rights! This was a particularly sweet win since it is accomplished by breeding your own dog and showing your dog without a professional handler. She was shown by Steve.

Lacey got a blue ribbon for first in Open Bitches. Luna got a first in Puppy class. It was her first show and she was sort of hopping around like a bunny. :) It was wonderful experience for all the dogs.

Bishop took a reserve on both Thursday and Saturday. We were not expecting him to take anything because he was so totally out of coat. He was entered mainly for experience, so the reserves he took, were a very pleasant surprise!

Thanks to Dave for his handling of Strut on both Thursday and Friday. Thanks to Robin Malchow for her help in showing our dogs. Thanks to Karen Webber for showing up and showing Lacey on Saturday. She is Lacey's breeder and a very good friend, so it was wonderful to see her. Also a big thanks to Stephanie for allowing us to crash at her house!!

Liberty's I Believe, our Faith took Best In Bred By Exhibitor class, shown by Steve Schaeffel and then a GROUP THIRD in the Bred BY group at the Chicago AKC IKC Show!

CENTRAL IOWA AKC SHOW 1/19 & 1/20/13

Posted by Bonnie on January 21, 2013 at 1:35 PM Comments comments (0)

We took 5 of our dogs to Iowa this past weekend. Song was horribly out of coat. She was beyond being naked. I would call her bald. :/Normally we would not take a dog to show that is that out of coat but she was already entered and if we had pulled her, it would've lowered the potential points for the other dogs. So, we brought her to do her part for Team Liberty. :) We knew she herself wouldn't place but she is a great travel companion and enjoyed being included. Strut, our Champion,got 2 select points from this weekend. Ritz, his first time out in AKC, won Best of Winners both days receiving a total of 4 points. Lacey got Best of Opposites on Saturday which earned her 2 points. Added to the points she already had, Lacey now has 6 AKC pts. Joy won Best of Opposites on Sunday, giving her 2 AKC points. So all the dogs in our team earned points with the exception of Song, who we knew wouldn't place with her coat gone. We were VERY pleased with our group and received MANY wonderful compliments.There were 9 siberians entered on Saturday and 10 on Sunday. It was a great weekend!!! A special thanks to Dave Slattum and his team for handling 3 of our 5 for us.


Posted by Bonnie on December 21, 2012 at 7:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Liberty Siberians is pleased to annouce that Liberty's Singin My Song won two back to back majors in AKC showing at the Granite City AKC Dog Show in St. Cloud on Secember 8th. She got back to back majors on December 8th and 9th.This would've finished her but got her unfortunately Song lost these wins due to an owner error in her entries.          Strut was also entered and he also got got to back majors. He became an AKC Champion on the 9th of December at the Granite City Dog Show, also. WHAT AN EXCITING WEEKEND FOR LIBERTYSIBERIANS!!!!

Lacey was also entered and got a second place win in Open Class on Saturday.

We would like to extend a special THANK YOU to Sandy Slattum, Dave Slattum and to Lexi for handling the dogs for us. They did an awesome job, as always.

Thank you Lexi and Judge Marsden. I moved Song up too quickly and she was actually 2 pts short of her championship so although she won this 3 pt. major,. it ended up not counting, cue to my error. Song STILL won this, however and we are proud of her win!