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 We are continually asked what we feed our dogs and what dog food we recommend. We have struggled in finding good answers for people, so I am just going to go through our feeding journey.  Hopefully you will come away with some new ideas for yourself and your loved pets.


We have tried many foods for our dogs over the years; Nutro Max,  Diamond, Purina, Eukanuba and several more I'm sure. Some worked for a while and then the dog's poop would turn loose. Some worked and then the company changed ingredients and they no longer worked. So we find ourselves always looking into different foods and here are some of the things we have learned.


Many commercial dog foods  are 6 months to two years old before you get them. They have an expiration date on the package but do not always show a date they were made or it is very difficult to find on the package.   It seems they treat dog food as if it were a Twinkie. You know, something that never gets too old to eat. Imagine how many vitamins and nutrients will have leeched out of that food in that amount of time.


I have been told that not every ingredient needs to be listed on the packaging.  A package can state that it has 26% protein but if it is synthetic protein, it is not usable to the dog. That does not need to be disclosed. If ingredients are changed by the company to something less expensive,  it is not always reflected on the packaging, but you will start to see a change in your dog's stool that will let you know that something is different.

Also you need to be aware of dog food companies and how many recalls they have had. I used to recommend Taste of the Wild but it is made by Diamond and there have been many recalls for them...too many for me to trust what is being produced.

 I have come to the realization that it is very difficult for a lay person to weed through all the hype and misinformation and actually come away with a great dog food, one that sits well for this breed and gives your dogs what they need to be their healthy and beautiful best.

We currently feed our dogs Blue Wilderness. It is 30% protein It has no bi-products and is grain free. The particular kind we use has venison& turkey as the primary protein sources.  We also add toppings to the food such as canned pumpkin, plain yogurt, probiotic or a bit of canned food along with our other kibble. This was recommended to me by a professional handler whose dogs had coats that absolutely glowed. We have noticed a nice improvement with this addition. We add probiotics to it as well as DE  (diatomaceous earth). We also give our dogs NuVet supplements.


I researched the NuVet company and found that they have one of the only human grade labs in the country for making dog supplements. I still had to try the NuVet wafers out on two dogs before deciding to choose this for my dogs. I did and I noticed an improvement in Toffee and how she jumped right up to play. Previously she was just starting to struggle a little when she got up. I also noticed the other girl's coat seemed to thicken. So I was pleased with the positive results.


I was somewhat reluctant to go with the program because there are people who use this program in an unethical way and tell you that if you don't get these vitamins then your puppy contract with them is null and void.  Pretty tricky way of getting out of living up to your contract. We  offer NuVet because I like this product and have seen the benefits, but it has nothing to do with our guarantees. So check it out and if you feel it may benefit your dog, give it a try. It is totally your choice. For me, I have seen positive results and it gives me a little more peace of mind in that I can feel that if the kibble we are using is missing something, the supplement will help fill in that gap.

We offer a health guarantee, which is designed to act as major medical for anything genetic or congenital that would prevent your dog from being what you purchased them to be, a loving family pet and companion. We do not tie any gimmicks or specific products to our guarantee, but an honest and upfront health guarantee for you and your puppy.

We proudly use and recommend NuVet plus as the best nutritional supplement on the market. It is NOT a vitamin, but an immune system builder. It helps strengthen the immune, cardiovascular, skeletal & nervous system. It also helps protect your puppy from the side effects of vaccinations and the stress of new and different environments. It helps to protect your dogs from the ravages of free radicals that are the leading cause of disease and premature death. This amazing supplement is not available in stores but is available from the manufacturer with a referral from a breeder. Click here to learn more.  Not available in stores - CALL NOW TO ORDER! - 800-474-7044 - Order Code: 40813

As far as dog foods go, besides what we use,  I recommend Merrick and Origen. Grain free Evo is also good.  . I also very much like Fromm's whitefish and sweet potato dog food. Purina Pro Plan Salmon and Rice is another one we like.We have one dog that is on Earthbound and it has worked very well

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