Liberty Siberians

Purebred AKC Siberian Huskys

AKC CH Liberty's Harbor Lights  -  Harbor


           Harbor's first major at Granite City Kennel CLub show. It was a 4 pt major.Thank you Judge Robert V Horn and also thank you Kris Hoff for your excellent presentation of Harbor.


 DOB: 12-07-2014


DNA:  not yet

OFA: too young


Titles:AKC CH

PEDIGREE: - Harbor's sire, Strut is also a Canadian Grand Champion now.

   Liberty's Harbor Lights








                             Harbor's puppy picture.




 Harbor at the 2015 Nationals getting 3rd in her 9 - 12 month puppy sweeps class, shown by Kris Hoff




 Liberty's Harbor Lights took BOW at Manitowoc for her second major!! She was beautifully presented by Kris Hoff to Judge Kimberly Meredith Cavanna. Thank you judge!





 Harbor's Champion win, picture. She is slightly posted due to photographer rushing. Thank you judge and thank you Jackie Dalbec for your expert handling of our girl!


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