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        YOUR PUPPY'S FIRST NIGHT HOME  by Bonnie Schaeffel


The big day is finally here! You have been waiting for weeks to bring your bundle of joy home! You've read this whole web site over from beginning to end (I hope). You've bought crates, toys, dishes and food. You have had the fun of all the preparations and NOW the big day is FINALLY here. You arrive at my house, all excited and with a few more questions. We go over the contract and paperwork and then you go home.

First night your puppy is crying ALL night long! The next morning you wake up to a messy crate and your puppy has diarrhea! You are frustrated and wonder what to do or what you did wrong. Then you call me. :) I go over suggestions for you. This is a fairly typical scenario.  

So, I decided to write it down on my site to help you and your puppy with the adjustment. So, here goes....

 Everything has just changed for your new family member. Your water is different. Your food is different. The people are different. If you have pets, they are different. If you don't have pets, that is also different. Your routine is different. The layout of your house and property is different. Sometimes the climate is different.  Your pup is little and as you can imagine, it all may be very confusing and more than a little stressful! So, what does he do? Well the stress may bring on a bout of diarrhea and at night your pup may feel lonely and cry for attention of his mom or litter mates. What can you do?

1. Bring a blanket or towel when you come to pick him up and we will rub that on his mother or litter mates so their scent can go with him and offer some comfort when he is alone at night.

2.Put a mirror alongside his crate. It can fool him into feeling like another dog is right beside him in another crate and keep him company.

3. A warm water bottle under a soft blanket may feel like he is laying next to his mom or another puppy and bring him some comfort.

4. When he is crated have a Kong toy or an empty water bottle...something to entertain him a little.

5. Sometimes covering the crate with a blanket will keep a puppy from crying at night. It seems to give them a cozy feeling of safety.

6. Put a TV where he can see it and either put something like Animal Planet on or a movie such as "8 Below" on for him to watch. They often enjoy watching other animals.

7. Immediately start your pup on some sort of routine. They learn routines easily and appreciate them. It allows them to know what to expect.

8. Play and talk to your new puppy so they begin the bonding process.

9. Sometimes, if your pup won't settle down, put his crate next to your bed where you can dangle your fingers over your bed and into his crate when he is wondering if anyone is there.

10. Expect to let your pup out at least twice during the night for the first few weeks. He cannot hold his bladder all night.

11. Love him and above all things, be patient. This is like bringing a new baby home. Expect some adjustment and maybe a few nights of sleep loss. Possibly arrange your pick up of your pup for a weekend when you don't work, or over a few days vacation where you will be able to focus on your new arrival and get him adjusted and get both of you into a new routine.


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