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Vaccinosis & Our Vaccine Schedule

At Liberty Siberians, we are changing our vaccine protocol as we have become aware of information concerning vaccines and how they affect dogs and the possible damage vaccines can do if they are overdone. Vaccinosis is a new issue for pets.

 Previously we have given puppy shots at 6,9 and 12 weeks. In working with our Vet we have learned that since pups are generally weaned at 6 weeks of age, a six week shot may do little to NO good. If the mother has a strong immune system and the pup was weaned at 6 weeks, her immunities are still very much in the pup and when the vaccine is introduced, the mother's immunities may kick out the virus that has been introduced by the vaccine, which we had hopes would build the pup's immunities to a certain disease. So, although the 6 week shot has been given, many times it will have no value.

 Consequently we are now giving shots at 8 weeks, 11 weeks and 14 weeks and we DO NOT recommend giving the rabies shot until at least 16 weeks and never at the same time as the last puppy shot. It is possible that giving more than one vaccine at a time could cause a seizure in some puppies. 

From our research, reading and discussions with knowledgeable vets, we are of the strong opinion that people are over vaccinating their animals and this brings on skin disorders, allergies and autoimmune diseases as well as seizures and a host of other things all of which fall under the title of Vaccinosis. The DHPP puppy vaccine is similar to a child's baby shots. Do you take your child for a booster every year? Absolutely not. So why would you take a dog every year?

Research in the UK has found that rabies shots last 7 years. So WHY are we required to give them to our pets every year to 3 years? They are currently conducting tests in Wisconsin that seem to be coming up with the same results where rabies vaccines are concerned. Hopefully this will change the legal requirement to a more reasonable schedule.

There are other vaccines that are suggested by vets such as Giardia and Lymes. These are rather iffy as to whether they do any good at all, but we do know that an additional vaccine has possible side effects for your dog. You really need to weigh this before deciding on giving some of these questionably effective vaccines to your loved pet, that are not required by law.

Heart guard has been sold stating it is 100% effective against heart worm. The FDA has found it to be only 90% effective at best. I would suggest Interceptor, which the FDA states IS 100% effective or Revolution. This is not a vaccine but falls under things we do as preventive measures for our dogs. Pet lovers do these things with good intentions but they do not always live up to our intentions. Worse yet, they cause harm more frequently than most people know.

There are many awesome vets out there but there are also vets who use the "Ka Ching" method of vet care, meaning you walk through the door with your pet and the Vet hears "Ka Ching!". All sorts of vaccines and tests will be recommended many of which they KNOW are not necessary, not effective or may even be harmful to your pet's health, but they DO get to collect $50 for the office visit and another $25 for the vaccine.

Here is where I must put my disclaimer...I am not a Vet, just someone who has loved and raised Siberians for 15 years and knows many other enthusiasts of this breed or other handlers, trainers or breeders, as well as pet owners who have gone through a host of issues. I have read, done research and talked with numerous vets and these are my opinions based on my knowledge, experience and research as well as opinions of licensed reputable veterinarians who I trust and who really care more about animal welfare than their pocketbooks. This is what my opinions and MY protocol are based on. Do your own research and discuss things with several vets and then make your best decision for your loved pet.

Below is a link that will tell you a great deal more about the problems of vaccinosis. PLEASE take a moment to type the links into your address bar and then read it. Here at Liberty Siberians, we will continue to do all we can to insure the best health in your puppy and to provide as much education and information to the families we serve as we can.

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